Mark Pearson-Gills is a respected chiropractic specialist

February 10, 2014
Mark Pearson-Gills has been working in the field of chiropractic science for many years now. He is incredibly experienced and is considered a veteran of the field. Mark Pearson-Gills is a respected chiropractic specialist because he has an extensive education and work history to rely upon in all business decisions. He has been able to take his work to many countries during the course of his career, working for different companies during his time. His experiences have informed the way he conducts business and his understanding of how chiropractic services should be offered, as well as how they are perceived and utilized.

Mark Pearson-Gills was born and raised in the suburbs to the southeast of Melbourne, Australia. In 1988, he finished his secondary education in Melbourne and was thereafter awarded his Victorian Certificate of Education, which is also known as the VCE. After he was able to complete his secondary schooling, Mark Pearson-Gills took on an apprenticeship with a carpenter. Over the following couple of years, Mark Pearson-Gills learned the carpentry trade. He excelled in this trade and soon learned a great deal about carpentry. He used those two years to figure out what he was going to do as a career.

It took Mark Pearson-Gills a couple of years to figure out what he wanted to do, but once he knew that he wanted to become a chiropractor he applied to RMIT University. In 1991, Mark Pearson-Gills was accepted into the Melbourne-based institution. He enrolled in RMIT University's prestigious chiropractic program, which is a five-year program. In 1996, Mark Pearson-Gills became a Doctor of Chiropractic by completing RMIT University's five year program and obtaining his degree. Today, Mark Pearson-Gills aims to represent his industry in a way that is positive and professional. He is actively involved in the Australian branch of the World Chiropractic Alliance, which he helped to found.